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I began my career as a Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant in Sacramento, CA in 1979 after completing my Master's degree in Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling from CSUS. In 1993, I decided to return to school to earn a Ph.D. in my field. I completed my Ph.D. in Human Rehabilitation in 1995. I began teaching at the university level in 1993. As a lecturer at CSUS, I taught classes such as Psychological, Social and Medical Aspects of Disability and Psychological Testing.

Throughout the years, I have functioned as an expert witness and testified in a number of different settings both on the State and the Federal level. I am comfortable in this capacity as I view my role as an educator who uses the best tools to provide various scenarios in a user-friendly manner.


One could best describe my vocational expert services as Vocational Disability Assessment. If you click on the link in the last sentence, you can learn more specifically about the steps in this process. My experience as a consultant and teacher makes me an ideal Vocational Expert. I approach all work in a thorough, methodical and professional manner and am always aware of the importance of good communication.


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