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Vocational Rehabilitation



Vocational Disability Assessment: an analysis of the impact of physical and/or mental impairment upon an individual's employability and wage earning capacity.

The components of this assessment may include the following:

  • Review of all pertinent documents - medical reports, resume, work history and educational records
  • Interview - with the individual to gather pertinent information concerning work history, schooling, training, skills, and perceived functional capacities
  • Testing - to assess general learning ability, aptitudes, and interests (need for testing determined on an individual basis)
  • Transferable skills analysis - an analysis to determine future potential employment options with or without training; analysis is conducted utilizing a combination of a computer program and the traditional manual process. This analysis takes into account the individual’s work history, education, test results and current medical issues.
  • Rehabilitation planning - if appropriate and feasible, recommendation of services needed to facilitate an individual's ability to compete for positions in the open labor market; vocational feasibility (whether the individual can benefit from a rehabilitation plan) is also considered
  • Employability assessment - the individual's potential to access occupations in the labor market related to medical work restrictions and other vocational factors
  • Wage earning capacity - potential to earn wages at the present and in the future related to specific occupations

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