Bonnie Drumwright, Ph.D.

Return to Work Services
Vocational Rehabilitation

Return to Work Services


Since 1996, I have provided return to work services to large employers in the Sacramento area. These services are related to compliance with Workers' Compensation, ADA and FEHA laws. For example, I might create a job analysis to capture the essential functions of the job or a video job analyses to facilitate a time motion study. If an individual is injured on the job and/or has a disability that prevents them from performing the essential functions of the job, I assist with the process of determining whether reasonable accommodation will be possible. I also assist in locating alternate or modified job placements for the employee.

Some of the employers I have assisted in the Sacramento area include Hewlett Packard, Agilent Technologies, EDD, Sacramento City Unified School District, and Coherent Technologies. For information on my professional experience, click on Resume. If you would like to reach me, use the Contact link.


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